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I have a passion for creating and fostering genuine connections with like-minded achievers and I love building things. I’m grateful to have my passion fuel my company Bridgekin, where we’re changing the way people connect with each-other and the opportunities within their network.

In the past I Co-Founded DAV Foundation, a blockchain based transportation protocol which raised over $24 Million in 2018. Among many roles, I ran the branding, marketing and fundraiser operations and led the build out of DAV’s advisory team which include executives from GM, NASA, Cisco, IBM and SAP. I also Co-Founded Matrix Mining, a venture backed cryptocurrency mining operation located in the Southeast. I'm a Founding Member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), a global, invite only community whose members represent over 1.5 Trillion in assets under management. I'm also actively involved across other business interests in the area of real-estate and technology.

Outside of building companies and relationships I love spending time with my family and am an avid adventurer, outdoorsman, health advocate, and all around personal improvement practitioner. I'm a creature of habit and start my day at 5:15am with a series of morning rituals including working out and meditation among other things.


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