About The Company - DAV is a software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell autonomous transportation services in a decentralized market.  Our platform integrates with any autonomous vehicle, enabling those vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using a digital currency called DAV.

Title - Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

What I Do There - Everything related to the brand, marketing, content, and advisor acquisition.


About The Company - Matrix Mining is a venture backed cryptocurrency mining operation based in the South East.

Title - Co-Founder

What I Do There - Current focus has been fundraising and ensuring we have all the necessary hardware needed for the operation now and in the future.


About The Company - Sequoia Marketing is a real estate marketing company that focuses on connecting people with unique real estate opportunities, while also developing high profile real estate projects in the U.S. and abroad.  A few of the services we focus on include project development, foreclosure investing, passive high yield investing, and project matchmaking. 

Title - Founding Partner

What I Do There - Focus on overall vision and strategic direction, while managing the day to day marketing, sales, partnerships, and company operations.


About The Company - Tricent Capital is a San Francisco based venture capital and real estate firm.  They focus on creating solid returns for their investors, while creating a positive social impact from their investments.

Title - Partner

What I Did There -  Worked through all aspects of our real estate fund, from operations to assisting in raising capital.


About The Company - Contently exists to create a better media world through storytelling.  They believe that every great brand has a story to tell.  That is why they empower those brands to tell great stories through original content and help them build an owned audience.  

Title - Sr. Enterprise Sales Executive 

What I Did There -  In 2014, I joined Contently, a NYC-based B2B marketing technology company, as employee number 17.  During my tenure at Contently, I helped expand the team 8x and grow revenue over 4.5x. I fostered partnerships with with C-suite and marketing executives at Google, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Panasonic, ASUS, Autodesk, and Marriott, among others.  After 18 months at Contently, I was tasked with opening up the company's first office outside of NY.  From there I lead West Coast sales and operations out of our San Francisco office from 2015 to 2017.


About The Company - Lean Startup Machine creates intense three-day workshops around the globe which teach entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products.  Not only do they teach these lean methodologies to start ups but they also work with corporations and enterprises on implementing lean principles into their workplace.

Title - Business Developer - Workshop Facilitator 

What I Did There -  Identify and create partnerships vital to a workshops success.  Develop sponsorship opportunities with relevant companies.  Facilitate and teach lean methodologies to workshop attendees.


About The Company - Sterling Medical Devices specializes in the design, development, and testing of medical devices.  Sterling focuses on every aspect of the development process.  They have worked with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific.  

Title - Business Development Specialist

What I Did There - Responsible for all strategy and implementation regarding business development and marketing.  Played a role hunting and farming new and existing sales opportunities.  Responsible for a full company re-branding.  Represented the company at events around the country.


About The Company - urJELLY is a technology startup company that focuses on searching and sharing products, service, locations, and media online.  Their lifestyle community allows users to connect with individuals who share similar interests.  

Title - Co Founder - Chief Marketing Officer 

What I Did There - Oversaw business strategy, marketing plan development, brand management, and user outreach plans.  Developed and cultivated the urJELLY Marketplace while establishing marketing partners, revenue models, and marketplace strategy.

eko logo.jpg

About The Company - eko is a green agriculture and technology startup that was born out of New York University.  The company developed sustainable green houses on top of roof top apartment complexes in New York City, enabling tenants to pick their own local produce atop their own building.

Title - Board Member - Investor

What I Did There - Sat on board of directors making strategic decisions about company direction and strategy.  Helped to fund initial two farms located in North Jersey.


About The Company - Belltower Books uses the internet to create a more competitive, open, and efficient market for used textbooks.  As apposed to buying and selling textbooks from you university book store students can buy and sell books through Belltower saving them time and money.  

Title - Campus Manager

What I Did There - Responsible for hiring and managing a team of 6 sales associates.  Created an increase of sales by 242% amounting to $43,723 in revenue within my first quarter. Received the top salesman of the year for the northeast region.